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PVC joinery - Windows and Doors. Aluminum joinery - aluminum windows and doors, buildings, facades. Door. Garage Doors. Mosquito nets

Okno Bp - You will build your future with us

The modern market offers many companies that are producers of window and door joinery. However, not all of them are able to meet the requirements as well as the needs of those customers who value quality, time, comfort and price. If you appreciate similar advantages - welcome to the short presentation of our company OKNO Małgorzata Kempińska. Based on long-standing traditions, we produce windows and doors made of PVC and aluminum. We combine knowledge, experience and modern technology - which gives us the highest quality products! In a word - the production of doors and windows is our passion, which gives a lot of satisfaction. In order to meet the client's needs in parallel with the production, we sell, among others:

Garage doors

Krispol company

External doors

Companies: KMT, Capek, Doorsy

Internal doors

Companies: Pol-Skone, DRE, Erkado, Invado

Sitnicka Street 135 Biala Podlaska

The company OKNO Bp



Sitnicka Street 135, 21-500 Biala Podlaska


+ 48 83 343 86 39

Opening Hours

Mon. 7.00 - Fr. 17.00 Sat. 7.00 - Fr. 13.00