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OKNO Biala Podlaska – MANUFACTURER of PVC windows
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Nowaday market offers a lot of companies which manufactures windows or doors. But not all of them are in condition to follow demands such as needs of customers which care about quality, time, comfort and price. If You also care about above mentioned – we would like to invite You for a short presentation about our company – OKNO Malgorzata Kempinska. Based on many years of tradition, we manufacture doors and windows using PVC and aluminium. We connect knowledge, achieved experience and modern technology – which gives us as a final result high quality products! Another words – production of doors and windows is our passion, which gives us a lot of satisfaction. In order to meet the client’s needs, in parallel with production, we sell, among others:

Inside and outside

PVC windows and doors frames

Aluminium frames

Mosquito nets and windowsills

Outdoor blinds

Garage doors

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Plastic or wooden windows?

Plastic or wooden windows?

It is clearly difficult to say whether wooden windows are better than plastic ones. Both materials have different properties, and thus strengths and weaknesses. Before we make the final decision, it is worth asking yourself what exactly windows we need, and only then...

Differences between rebated and non-rebated doors.

Differences between rebated and non-rebated doors.

Interior doors are made in both systems, i.e. rebated and non-rebated. Rebated doors are much more common. Their characteristic feature is the indentation, which causes the door to partially overlap the door frame with a fragment, called rebate. In rebated doors, the...

What distinguishes sectional gates?

What distinguishes sectional gates?

Sectional gates are made of steel panels at least 40 mm thick. They are tightly filled with foam that protects well against cold and noise. In addition, there are gasket systems between the panel joints and around the entire door circumference. The sectional door...

EU Funding

OKNO Malgorzata Kempinska informs, that on 10.10.2019 was singed an agreement for funding of project, titled Audit and The strategy design as a key of innovative development of company OKNO Malgorzata Kempinska, within action 1.4: Pattern for competition, Operational Program Eastern Poland, co-financed with the funds from European Fund of Regional Development of Priority Axis I.

The goal of the project: Project’s goal is reinforcement of companie’s competitiveness by increasing potential range of skillfull management of design and using it in business activity.

Project’s effects: Design strategy of company

Project’s value: 71.340,00 PLN

European Union’s share: 58.000,00 PLN

Agreement nr No: POPW.01.04.00-06-0053/18-00

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