Differences between rebated and non-rebated doors.

Interior doors are made in both systems, i.e. rebated and non-rebated.

Rebated doors are much more common. Their characteristic feature is the indentation, which causes the door to partially overlap the door frame with a fragment, called rebate. In rebated doors, the so-called rebate perfectly covers the lock. Hinges are visible in this type of door. Top hinges in rebated doors are a classic solution used in rebated doors based on visible pintle hinges and can be adjusted in 3 planes. From an aesthetic point of view, rebated doors fit better into the atmosphere of the rooms, decorated in a traditional style, or even those decorated in a retro style.

Non-rebated doors have a straight edge and when closed they form a single plane with the frame. This is what makes this type of closed door look modern. Hinges hidden in non-rebated doors are a modern and slightly more expensive solution used on the market. The hinges are hidden in a masking band that faces the door leaf. Thanks to this, we achieve the effect of one flush surface. In addition to the aesthetics, the non-rebated interior door, thanks to the use of the highest quality concealed hinges, is characterized by very high reliability, an opening angle of up to 180 degrees and adjustable in 3 planes.

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