Mosquito nets and window sills

For several years, our company has been using high-quality, environmentally friendly insect screens, the so-called mosquito nets. The best materials and accurate assembly guarantee unprecedented and highest quality products in this industry.
In our offer you will also find internal and external window sills. Internal window sills can be made of PVC, MDF in veneer, granite, conglomerate, marble or agglomarble. In contrast, external window sills are available steel painted or laminated, as well as aluminum.

Mosquito nets are made according to individual orders, which provides almost 100% pretection from the insects. That is especially important for the kids rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms. Profiles used for the production of our mosquito nets are made of lightweight and durable aluminium, which guarantees excellent look for many years. Available in three basic colors – white, brown and golden oak. Painted and hardened in furnace, varnish coating does not loose color, does not crack, does not peel. Net is made of fiberglass covered with PVC. Each connection is welded by infrare (avoiding of bordering transparency connections), which provides unusual durability od net. Respectively small slots stops insects without air circulation blocking. Mosquito nets can be dismounted with movement of one hand, thanks to special hooks, for example to wash window frames.

Window frame mosquito nets are primarily characterized by ease of installation and simple construction ensuring longevity. For winter, these mosquito nets can be easily removed and stored in the attic or garage.

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