Plastic or wooden windows?

It is clearly difficult to say whether wooden windows are better than plastic ones. Both materials have different properties, and thus strengths and weaknesses. Before we make the final decision, it is worth asking yourself what exactly windows we need, and only then decide on the material that best suits our expectations. Current technology allows windows with similar technical parameters to be made of both materials. However, there are differences between wood and plastic that make each material suitable for other applications.


Plastic frames win in this category. Wooden windows are not only more expensive, but also require more frequent maintenance, which increases the cost of their maintenance.


Modern plastic and wooden windows are characterized by a similar level of tightness, especially if the same fittings and glazing were used for their production. Wooden windows look slightly better in tests, but the differences are practically imperceptible. Thermal insulation is similar in both cases. As for sound insulation – wood slightly prevails.


The advantage of plastic is almost complete resistance to moisture and chemicals. Hazards such as fog or atmospheric precipitation are well-preserved and properly coated with a wooden window. However, if the window is to be in a place with permanent high humidity, plastic windows will be a much safer solution. Wooden windows are better suited to places subject to high temperatures. Plastics tend to deform under the influence of heat, moreover, when exposed to sunlight they lose color faster. However, this does not apply to white windows that retain a fresh look regardless of the conditions.


In the case of plastic windows, there is no maintenance needed – their care is limited to washing. With wooden windows it is much more difficult because maintenance should be carried out every few years depending on the type of coating.


Installation of windows is not particularly complicated for wooden or plastic frames. It is a bit easier to find a company that specializes in plastics because they are much more popular in Poland.

Summing up: the most important advantages of plastic windows are the price and no maintenance problems. Wooden windows are nicer and can add character to both the interior and the facade, but require more attention. Plastic is more resistant to moisture and wood to high temperature. The final choice therefore depends on the needs, requirements and conditions in which they will be installed.

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