Roller shutters

Roller shutters perfectly protect the interior from excessive heating and sunlight. Modern external roller shutters, made of high quality materials, provide excellent sound and thermal insulation, cause significant savings in heat energy consumption and protect windows against adverse weather conditions. Shutters can be controlled (opened) by manual or electric drive. The first control option is a popular and economical solution, but it requires more effort related to the operation of roller shutters, especially when we have a large number of roller shutters or they are large. Manual control (manual drive) is nothing more than opening/closing the roller shutters with a retractor or crank. The second option is the use of electric control (electric drive), which is a slightly more expensive solution, but much more convenient and enjoying great popularity among buyers of Aluprof roller shutters. A wide range of roller shutters control products allows you to choose the most convenient way of opening and closing of them from one place using a remote control or a wall switch.


They are intended for use mainly in existing facilities (window or surface-mounted). The advantage of these products is undoubtedly no interference in the current condition of the building, because they do not require special preparation for installation and are not integrated with the window. Owing to the fact, the decision to install roller shutters in the adaptive system can be made at any time. The thoughtful construction of blinds and properly selected materials provide effective protection against uninvited guests.


They are intended for use primarily in new buildings, but after making the necessary changes to the lintel, these products can also be installed in existing buildings. Planning the use of this type of solution and how to install it at the design stage of the building allows for more effective use of their functional qualities.


Roller shutters of this type can be used both in new buildings, as well as during the modernization of buildings already existing when replacing window frames. This solution characterizes the direct seating of the roller shutter box on the window frame by means of a properly selected adaptive profile. These profiles work with most window or door frame profiles for wooden, aluminum and PVC frames.


They are an ideal solution combining a strong, durable and closed cover with aesthetic implementation. The anti-theft structure can be used in both adaptive and flush-mounted systems. The system can be adapted in existing and newly constructed buildings. Anti-theft roller shutters are characterized by: reinforcement in the bottom strip, reinforced guide rail structure, ratchet mechanism in the lower part of the blind, strong blind curtain structure to prevent damage.

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